Welcome to the Coffee Machine Guru. Ever since coffee first came to light in the 9th century, the rich aromas and blends have been a sign of luxury, and achieving the perfect blend is something that is taken very seriously.

And rightly so!

Here at the Coffee Machine Guru, we have made it our quest to help guide you through the myriad of bean to cup coffee and espresso machines in order to help you make the right decision no matter your taste, requirements, and budget.

Here you will be able to read news and reviews on what’s hot, what’s not and check out all the latest trends as and when new bean to cup coffee machines become available on the market.

Whether you are a coffee connoisseur or casual brewer, then we have everything you need to know all in one place at the number one stop for all your coffee machine know-how.

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the coffee machine guruMiele CM6110 Coffee MachineCheck On Amazon
Delonghi ESAM 2800 Caffe Corso the coffee machine guruDelonghi ESAM 2800 Caffe Corso Bean to Cup Coffee MachineCheck On Amazon
The coffee machine guru Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Dual Boiler Coffee MachineSage Dual BoilerCheck On Amazon
the coffee machine guruGaggia BreraCheck On Amazon
Cuisinart DGB1U the coffee machine guruCuisinart DGB1UCheck On Amazon

Krups EA9010 the coffee machine guru
Krups EA9010Check On Amazon
Delonghi Magnifica ESAM4200 the coffee machine guruDelonghi Magnifica ESAM4200Check On Amazon
Jura Impressa F8 the coffee machine guruJura Impressa F8Check On Amazon
Sage by Heston the coffee machine guruSage Barista ExpressCheck On Amazon
Melitta E953-101 Caffeo Solo the coffee machine guruMelitta E953-101 Caffeo SoloCheck On Amazon

The Top 10 Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

To help cut through all the noise, below we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 favourite coffee machines. Take a look at our picks below and feel free to learn more about each individual machine by clicking ‘Read More’ or check out how much it can be bought for by clicking ‘Check Price On Amazon’.

1) Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Barista Express

the coffee machine guru Heston Blumenthal

One thing becomes perfectly clear when it comes to the Sage brand, celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal would not put his name to something if it did not ooze class.

The Barista Express is one of two Sage by Heston Blumenthal machines we have reviewed and this one comes in at the more budget friendly end of the scale compared to its bigger brother the Dual Boiler.

Despite being around a few years now, few can beat the Sage Barista Express when it comes to price, science, and durability making this a worthy contender for any coffee connoisseur.

check out the full review of this budget-friendly celebrity machine here.


2) Cuisinart DGB1U

Cuisinart DGB1U the coffee machine guru

Price is not everything as the Cuisinart can testify too.

Those on a real tight budget will be hard pressed to find anything better than this one cup machine that comes in at under £100.

Naturally, because of that price the Cuisinart is not packed to the rafters with features that are found on the larger and more expensive bean to cup coffee machines, but it does benefit from set parameters that means you can make your perfect brew every time with the minimum of fuss.

Ease of use, maintenance and a compact design are all useful features of the DGB1U but get a full review of the machine right here to find out what makes this one cup machine a budget bargain.


3) Melitta E953-101 Caffeo Solo

Melitta Caffeo Solo the coffee machine guru

The Caffeo Solo is another machine that sits in the budget sector of reviews but that does not mean the vastly experienced Melitta brand have taken their foot of the gas.

Speed is one of the main attributes of the Caffeo Solo so if you want your brew delivered with minimum fuss on an easy to use machine then this Melitta deserves a deeper look.

The three temperatures choices also excel where other machines fail always delivering either a piping hot brew if that is your thing.

The E953-101 certainly won’t let you down but there are a number of other features you must read about in our full Melitta Caffeo Solo review.


4) Delonghi ESAM 2800 Caffe Corso

the coffee machine guru

Delonghi’s rich heritage means you are in for a treat when it comes to a bean to cup coffee machine.

The Caffe Corso is the smaller version of the EASM2800 and is another machine that fits snugly into the budget sector of bean to cup machines.

However, Delonghi are no fools and still ensure you get plenty of variation for your money.

Maintenance, pressure and the water tank are the main features of the ESAM 2800 Caffe Corso which is also a durable example of a fine bean to cup machine.

Read the full review of the Caffe Corse right here.


5) Miele CM6110 Coffee Machine

the coffee machine guru

German high-end goods manufacturer Miele certainly know a thing or two about making fine bean to cup coffee machines as the CM6110 goes to highlight.

Firmly set in the higher end price wise, the Miele certainly gives you plenty of useful features for your money such as its one-touch for two mode, eco mode (the machine will save you a fortune on electricity bills in the long run) as well as a smart noise reduction system when grinding down those beans.

Undoubtedly the elegant design will make you the envy of all your coffee loving friends so why not check out our full review of the Miele CM6110 Coffee Machine right here.


6) Sage by Heston Blumenthal Dual Boiler

The coffee machine guru Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Dual Boiler Coffee Machine

The Dual Boiler is the most expensive bean to cup machine we have reviewed so far but because of that, it is also the best.

Price is not everything, but the Dual Boiler certainly packs a punch and would not be out of place in a boutique café on a plush high street.

The Dual Boiler gives you complete control over creating your most perfect brew with features such as temperature control, the number of coffee’s you want, cup warming function and general overall variation and options makes the Dual Boiler the all singing and all dancing bean to cup coffee machine.

Read the full review of the Dual Boiler right here.


7) Jura Impressa F8

coffee machine guru Jura F8

Swiss brand Jura has certainly made an impression with their Impressa F8 (excuse the play on words).

The stunning design is the first thing that grabs you but the F8 has the brains to back up the looks.

The built-in milk frothing capability along with the automatic water filter means the quality of coffee you can brew every time really is second to none.

The F8 comes with 13 standard options but the ability to experiment is really where the Impressa comes to the fore in the pursuit of coffee excellence as you will discover new aspects every time you give it the attention it deserves.

Find out more about the F8 in our full review here.


8) Delonghi Magnifica ESAM4200


The second Delonghi on our list is the bigger more expensive brother of the Caffe Corso and because of that comes with a host of extra features that make it a standout bean to cup and espresso machine.

The 15-bar pressure pump will give you exactly the right amount of water pressure through the beans to create the perfect brew along with the ability to experiment excessively which really goes to highlight the machines supreme capabilities and value for money.

Read the full review of this epic machine here.


9) Krups EA9010

the coffee machine guru Krups

The clever folks at Krups utilise their unique Thermoblock technology in their stunning EA9010 model to really help you garner a special cup of Joe every time.

Boasting stunning looks, a helpful display and a temperature control system means that no matter how you like your coffee, this Krups machine will deliver every time.

Checkout the full review of this machine right here.


10) Gaggia Brera

the coffee machine guru

Quality coffee is obviously in the Italians blood and it is no surprise to learn that Italian brand Gaggia come to the table in our reviews with a beautifully crafted bean to cup machine, the Brera.

The machine boasts a number of features such as its unique ‘Hot Key’, its eco friendly mode to help you save on those energy bills and its ceramic grinder to really lock down those beautiful aromas.

The Brera is also good value for money and sits nicely under the £500 mark which means you get a lot of machine without damaging your wallet.

Check out the full review of this true Italian stallion of a bean to cup machine here.


How to Choose a Coffee Maker that is perfect for you

Although native to the African continent, coffee is a beverage relished by millions all over the world. It is a stimulant used to get over the wooziness of waking up in the morning, and it also helps you to stay active during the day.

With almost half a billion cups consumed in the United States every day, Americans are the foremost consumers of coffee in the world. It was discovered from a 2017 study about coffee drinking habits, that 62% of Americans drink at least one cup of coffee every day. The ratio has increased to 64% in 2019. It is speculated that the percentage is going to rise significantly by 2025. This means that the consumption of coffee increases by the day.

It is impossible to walk up a block here in Washington without finding a number of cafés; and big coffee shops like Peet’s and Starbucks make it a lot easier to get a “coffee fix” anytime you want one. Whether you go for the traditional French press or need something that’s more intensely flavored, these coffee shops have you covered.

But here’s the catch: a single cup of coffee may cost up to $5 or more. If you buy a couple cups every day, that’s at least, $10. If you buy 2 cups of coffee everyday for one month, that is, at least $280. You’ll be amazed at how much you spend on coffee in a year when you do the math.

And it is an interesting fact, that the majority of people you find in cafés have coffee machines in their homes. Either it takes eons to brew a cup of coffee or that the machine doesn’t make enough for a household of aficionados. Some even report that half of the functions are not useful or not used at all.

Maybe the coffee maker is not the problem; you just didn’t look closely before opting for one. Remember, the more features a coffee maker possesses, the more expensive it is likely to be. Some of these machines can be really pricey, but that doesn’t guarantee that they will exactly satisfy your coffee needs. This post discusses some of the important things you should consider before placing that order.

What Should you look out for in a coffee maker?

Regardless of the type of coffee maker you buy, the brewing process is basically the same. Hot water or steam passes through processed coffee beans held in a compartment which has a filter. Temperature of the water and the amount of time it spends in contact with the ground coffee beans may affect flavor and concentration. But as simple as the process may seem, a pour-over coffee maker will not produce the same results as an espresso machine.

The type of coffee you drink, in part, defines your lifestyle and getting a coffee maker that doesn’t ideally suit your needs can literally affect how you manage your time and activity. Thus, when you’re looking to buy a coffee maker, there are a number of things you must consider if you must get the best out of your coffee machine, and out of your day.

The market offers an extensive range of coffee making machines, ranging from one-cup-at-a-time brewers and hybrids like pour-over models (which combines the features of a drip coffee maker and a French press), to very expensive espresso machines. These can cost between tens of dollars and a few thousands.

It wouldn’t matter what your coffee maker cost if it doesn’t satisfy your specific needs. If you’re thinking of buying a coffee maker, think of the type of the coffee you want to brew. In this post, we’ll share some general tips that will help you choose, which is best for you.

  • Type of Coffee Maker

When you know exactly the type of coffee you want, it becomes easier to choose the kind of coffee maker you want. You may have your preferences but for the best value, opt for a coffee maker with thermal carafe, and one with a grinder. This will preserve the freshness of your coffee while preparing Bean-to-Cup coffee.

  • Ease of Use

With a no-ending list of things to do, waiting for a cup of coffee to brew every morning may be a luxury you can’t always afford. Some coffee makers can have your coffee ready by the time you wake in the morning. Go for a programmable electric coffee maker if you want the convenience of having your cup of joe right out of bed. But if you want to enjoy that ritual of actually brewing your coffee in the morning,  go for less automated models such as manual pour-over coffee or French press brewers.

  • Size of Brew

In a situation where you live alone or have preference for a specific flavor, single cup brewers will suffice for your needs. This type of machine will also come handy in a home where everyone doesn’t wake or have breakfast at the same time. If your household loves coffee and drink it several times every day, you should consider a machine that makes a larger quantity. Keep in mind, that the size of a cup in a machine is 6 Oz max. So, if you’re 6 in your household, make sure to purchase one that is labelled “12 cups” at least.

  • Custom Brewing

Other than brewing coffee, some machines come with custom functions for making tea, hot chocolate and other beverage. Coffee makers with custom brewing options are usually more expensive as you can choose brew strength,  water temperature and other special settings. Some sophisticated coffee machines are great for this kind of flexibility but if you don’t do variety, a simple French press machine will be just fine!

  • Extra Features

If your taste for coffee goes beyond the regular, you may consider options like bean grinding and mill frothing. Many cappuccino and espresso machines offer sophisticated brewing options such as the Auto Shut Off and Thermal Carafe. Coffee machines with extra features are ideal if you have a variety of brewing ideas. Also keep in mind that a coffee maker with extra features will be relatively expensive.