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7 Recommended Movies for Coffee Lovers

Picture this, you’ve been out at work all day, its freezing cold and wet but you’ve just gotten into your PJ’s, your phones on silent, you’ve brewed the perfect mug of coffee and you have a few hours all to yourself.

Its time to put on the ideal movie with a coffee twist and slip away into your own coffee filled wonderland at least for the next few hours.

But with so many great films to watch, what should you choose?

Fear not, as we have created the ultimate film guide for the coffee connoisseur.

The Usual Suspects

Next year, Bryan Singer’s superb piece of cinematography the ‘Usual Suspects’ will celebrate its 25th year since release.

The story follows small time con artist Roger ‘Verbal’ Kint re-telling the story of a massacre on board a ship docked in Southern California with Kevin Spacey playing the role of Roger Kint.

Agent Dave Kujan is drafted in to solve the case (Chazz Palminteri) and as he starts to unravel the mystery of the massacre, one of the most memorable scenes in film plays out with Kujan sipping on a nice cup of hot coffee only to let it slip through his fingers and smash onto the floor as the realisation sets in.

To add to the dramatic effect, the coffee cup is shown smashing on the ground three times spilling that fine brew all over the tile floor.


Martin Scorsese widely acclaimed crime film won a host of awards and made superstars of the likes of Joe Pesci and Ray Liotta.

The scene involving our favourite brew features the aforementioned Joe Pesci who plays Tommy DeVito and is sent round to commit a hit on Parnell “Stacks” Edwards played by Samuel L. Jackson.

As Edwards lets DeVito and fellow mobster Frankie into his flat, DeVito tells Frankie to make coffee and whilst he does, DeVito kills Edwards.

Frankie comes into the room after the hit holding a pot of coffee only for DeVito to tell him to ‘make it to go’ and then berates him for not realising it was a joke.

An almighty waste of decent coffee.

A Film About Coffee

Actually, if truth be told this is more of a documentary, but as it focuses solely on coffee how could we leave it out?

Released in April 2014 and directed by Brandon Loper, the film takes the viewer on a journey around the world to really define what speciality coffee is and where it comes from.

The film takes a look at how coffee has become a mainstay of everyday life and why a mug of coffee has become such an important part of our daily routine.

This movie is certainly one for those who want to know literally everything there is to know about coffee.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Blake Edwards remarkable romantic comedy starring Audrey Hepburn is an undoubted classic.

The opening scene sees a New York yellow cab pull up outside Tiffany jewellery store on 5th avenue and out steps the elegant Audrey Hepburn.

She struts up to the window and casually pulls out her breakfast (hence the name) and a cup of coffee to go dolled up to the nines in what appears to be evening wear.

We didn’t think coffee from a disposable cup could be so glamourous but if there is one person who could pull it off, it is Audrey Hepburn.

Fight Club

The film that launched Brad Pitt to stratospheric heights in Hollywood is also relatively famous for something of a unique coffee quirk.

Director David Fincher has openly claimed there is a cup of Starbucks (or Starbucks logo) visible in every scene.

Of course, we condone creating your own blend of coffee to get the right taste exactly for you, but this fact is simply too tantalising to ignore.

Social media groups have even been set up with people trying to find all of the cups/logos throughout the film.

Feel free to try it yourself, but just don’t talk about it.

Groundhog Day

We all love coffee, right? So, wouldn’t it be perfect if we could sample our favourite brew every single day over and over again?

Not if you’re Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.

Playing a TV Weatherman called Phil Conners, Bill Murray’s character is assigned to cover the famous(ish) Groundhog Day celebrations in a town in Pennsylvania but soon finds himself waking up to be the exact day over and over again.

Each morning he meets his crew for breakfast with a mug of steaming hot coffee but as expected, the novelty soon wears thin and Murray takes the law into his own hands.

Perhaps the same brew of coffee over and over isn’t such a great idea.


It turns out that gods don’t have coffee wherever they live (or at least not according to Hollywood).

In the action superhero film Chris Hemsworth plays the hammer wielding god and upon a visit to an all-American diner takes something of a penchant for coffee demanding more only to get told off by co-star Natalie Portman for not asking politely.

One can only assume it must have been a pretty special blend to have kept a god happy.

So, there you have it, seven great coffee related films for you to chill out too with your own special brew.

However, if those were not enough, it is always worth checking out some others such as Men in Black where it turns out that even aliens love coffee, Pulp Fiction in which two of the main characters turn up at an associates house to ‘drop-off’ a dead body only to be greeted by the hosts gourmet coffee (yum), or perhaps Heat, where two of Hollywood’s biggest heavyweights in Al Pacino and Robert Di Niro go toe to toe in a nice restaurant filled with steaming hot coffee.

No matter your choice of brew, there will be the perfect film for you, after all, what is better than a hot coffee and an excellent movie to match.

Sheer bliss.