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RATED: Delonghi ESAM 2800 Caffe Corso Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

  • Price
  • Features
  • Usability

Delonghi ESAM 2800 Caffe Corso Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

“At its price point, the ESAM2800 does lack some more sophisticated features but it covers everything you need with perfection.”


  • Great value for money
  • High consistency in every brew


  • Slightly loud
It will be no surprise to see Delonghi featuring a number of times in our bean to cup coffee machine reviews.

We have already covered off the EASM2800’s bigger brother the Magnifica ESAM 4200 but this model falls into the more budget-friendly category but that does not mean in shirks on abilities.

With over 116 years’ experience in the portable heating industry, you can rest assured Delonghi know exactly what they are doing and this model on a budget is a prime example of that.

Let’s take a look at some of the features and functions of this cracking bean to cup machine that has had its first year on market with the big retailers.

So, what makes it so good?

Under Pressure

Delonghi has a firm understanding that pressure is a vital component when it comes to creating that perfect cup of joe.

The ESAM 2800 comes with a 15 bar of pressure to ensure a real punch is packed in getting the consistency of every brew to perfection.

This is because the bar pressure equates to the power at which the water is pushed through the coffee grinds.

Too much pressure and the water is unable to pick up enough grinds and becomes weak.

However, too little pressure and the coffee becomes incredibly strong, however, getting it just right for your taste can become a fine art, fortunately, with a 15 bar of pressure the Caffe Corso gets has enough to get it just right and is adaptable to your tastes.


The Caffe Corso is one the cheapest bean to cup coffee machines we have reviewed and can be picked up at RRP for around £349.99.

However, there are often a number of offers on meaning you should be able to pick it up for under £300.

That makes it budget friendly for many households and a mass product.

However, that does not mean Delonghi has not put plenty of effort in.

For value for money, you will be hard pressed to find anything better at that price point as the features are numerous despite the small investment.

Solid Size Water Tank

As you would expect, the Caffe Corso comes with a removable water tank that makes it ideal for topping up as well as cleaning.

However, what it useful is the ample 1.8Litre tank that will certainly get you through a few cups before having to top up.

It may not be as big as some of its more expensive counterparts, but for what you need it to do, it will certainly be plenty enough and more than hold its own.


We highlight this section in every one of our reviews simply because it can be a defining factor in the purchasing decision.

For example, if I told a machine took an hour to clean you would most likely brush it aside and look for something that is easier to maintain.

After all, we are here to drink coffee, right? Not clean.

Although a little TLC is required of all machines, a cleaning cycle on the EASM2800 only takes around 15 minutes making it a quick and simple process.

However, there are a couple of smart functions attached to the machine such as its ability to rinse itself to help counter the build-up of residue as well as Delonghi own descaling products to really make the process a piece of cake.

Other Features

At its price point, the ESAM2800 does lack some more sophisticated features but it covers everything you need with perfection.

For example, there is an adjustable cup height platform which is perfect if you fancy a quick espresso and a real deep mug of a brew.

There is also a milk frothing arm that is perfect for creating frothing cappuccino’s as it is perfect for use with brews utilising smaller amounts of milk.

For latte’s, you will probably need something a little more powerful but for general day to day use, the arm will have enough to get you through.

Another important point to note is the simple controls.

There is nothing worse than an encyclopedia to have to work your way through, but the Caffe Corso’s simplicity is arguably one its better traits.

If you are spending sub £300, then no doubt you want minimum fuss quick quality tasting coffee and the Corso’s controls are pretty self-explanatory but does come with an easy to read manual should you want to explore the machine’s capabilities in a little more detail.

Delonghi ESAM 2800 Caffe Corso

What’s Wrong with it?

As it comes in the budget range and is easily one of the best value-for-money bean to cup coffee machines we do not want to be too negative.

However, when creating your perfect blend and brew the machine is quite loud and will certainly be distinguishable throughout your house.

There will be no midnight quiet coffees with this machine.

Another factor is that although a cleaning cycle is only 15 minutes, you will find yourself doing it quite regularly simply because it lacks some of the maintenance features of its bigger brothers.

However, it is important to note that at the machines price point, that is not unusual, and you will be hard pressed to find a machine that does not require regular maintenance.

A small feature that is something Delonghi could have considered is that there is no water softener.

This is a reason why the cleaning is a regular occurrence but in reality, we are probably just being a little picky.


If you can stretch your budget a little, then we recommend you go for the EASM2800’s bigger and better brother the EASM4200.

However, if not, then the Caffe Corso will not let you down and will create quality brew after brew.

The variety is not as much as the more expensive models but that is to be expected and for bang for your buck, the EASM2800 really is one of the best budget buys you can get.

If you do not mind a little maintenance work, then this machine could well be the best £300 you will spend as the quality of coffee that you can produce really is up there with the very best machines.