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RATED: Jura Impressa F8

  • Price
  • Features
  • Usability

Jura Impressa F8

“If you are going to spend a premium sum of money on a coffee machine product then you will not feel short changed by the Jura Impressa F8.”


  • Smart and very easy to use
  • Packed with features


  • Slightly pricey
The Swiss are renowned for making products that not only look great but come with high quality.

Once again, Jura has not let their nation down with this slick designed, all singing and all dancing bean to cup coffee machine that is sure to set the pulses racing (and not just because of the sheer volume of caffeine you will consume).

Since 1931 Jura have been producing high-end household appliances and have become pioneers in the field of automatic coffee/espresso machines.

With offices located all around the globe, it is clear Jura take their business seriously, and for us coffee hounds, that is only a good thing.

So, what makes the Jura Impressa F8 so good?

Before we begin, let’s remember one thing, Jura is about premium meaning their stock comes in at the higher price range.

Those looking for more a budget bean to Cup machine may want to check out something like the Delonghi Magnifica ESAM4200, however, if you want to push the boat out then this Jura could be right up your street.

It’s a little stunner

The first thing you will notice about the Impressa F8 is how strikingly beautiful it looks for a coffee machine.

Its slick appearance would not be out of place in any boutique café or plush hotel and Jura have certainly spared no expense in ensuring the machine appeals visually.

They say you have no more than seven seconds to make an impression and although features such as its coffee making ability are far more important in the long run, the Impressa F8 certainly grabs your attention among other machines and that is important from a sales point of view.

Smart and easy to use controls

For a machine so aesthetically pleasing, one may assume that its usability has been compromised in place of looks.

However, with the Impressa F8, quite the opposite is true.

The design has been centered around a colour display that acts as a guide to help you understand the process.

There is a rotary switch which you use to operate Jura’s ‘carousel’ as they call it with the options available and shown of a screen that splits into four zones each representing an option selected.

There is also a dial on the side which helps switch from steaming to hot water modes which is a smart little addition from Jura.

All in all, the controls are a lot easier than we have probably explained and for all its functions, the Impressa’s user-friendliness is one of its key attributes for a machine that does it all.

Froth built-in

Who doesn’t love a little froth on top as the centre-piece of a brew?

If you do not, then you may want to skip this section, however, if you love a little froth then read on because the Jura F8 has you well covered.

This is because there is a milk frothing capability built in to give you that high-end coffee shop look and feel from the comfort of your own home.

Jura Impressa F8

Clean water on tap

One thing we all love is when a company adds a function that makes our lives as easy as possible.

Jura has certainly done that by adding a water filter built into the machine that cleans the water automatically as the machine begins each one of its cycles.

This is a major factor in the Impressa F8 producing the best quality cuppa time and time again, but results will vary of course depending on whether you live in a hard or soft water catchment area.

You want it, the Impressa F8 has got it

Whats your favourite tipple?

Americano? Cappucino? Latte? Macchiato? You name it the Impressa F8 has the capability to make it for you.

In the standard settings, there are 13 options which should keep you plenty busy but those looking to explore, and experiment will not be disappointed with the ability of the machine.

However, to get going, the machine is simple to use and that is important for those who just want a fine coffee quickly and easily.

Anything wrong with it?

They say there is no such thing as the perfect round of golf and I suppose the same can be said of coffee machines.

Where every machine serves a purpose, no one machine is perfect and even the Jura has its flaws.

Firstly, its price puts it out of the price range of the average house-hold simple because at closer to the thousand-pound mark than the five-hundred-pound mark, it represents quite an investment.

It is however an ideal purchase for small commercial outfits as it comfortably makes up to 30 cups a day without having to worry about constant maintenance.

Another factor is that much like plenty of other machines, the serving temperature is not as high as it could be.

For example, some of us here at the Coffee Machine Guru are big fans of piping hot black coffee.

If that is you, then you will be left a little disappointed and may find yourself topping up your mug from the kettle for a little extra heat.


Without a doubt, the Jura Impress F8 is one of the most beautiful bean to cup coffee machines on the market and has been since about 2016.

Price is a sticking point for the casual home brewer as there are cheaper options out there which are more than suitable if you are not the ultimate coffee connoisseur.

However, if you are going to spend a premium sum of money on a coffee machine product then you will not feel short changed by the Jura Impressa F8.

The functions we expect are all there but the addition of attributes such as the built-in water feature make a big difference.

There may now be newer models out there but for all round use, looks, user interface and variety, then you cannot go wrong with this model.

One again the Swiss have shown the rest of the world how to make coffee probably.

Nice work Jura.