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RATED: Miele CM6110 Coffee Machine

  • Price
  • Features
  • Usability

Miele CM6110 Coffee Machine

“One thing that springs to mind when you first set eyes upon the CM6110 is its elegant style.”



  • Eco-mode
  • Feature-laden
  • Easy to clean


  • Quite Expensive
This is the first Miele coffee machine we have rated, and the German high-end manufacturer comes to the table with nearly 120 years of experience in producing quality goods.

Now headquartered in the German city of Gütersloh, Miele is a brand that most of us are familiar with, so it is not surprising to learn that the company now employs just over 19000 people meaning when it comes to support, there are plenty of people who have your back.

However, despite the company’s long existence, it was not until 1998 when they released their first fully automatic built-in coffee maker.

It has not taken long for Miele to join the elite though as we look at the premium coffee machine the CM6110.

So, what makes the Miele CM6110 so good?


One thing that springs to mind when you first set eyes upon the CM6110 is its elegant style that oozes class as it looks like it belongs more down a plush village centre rather than a branded shopping mall.

The bold black base colour looks sleek with the working components etched in silver you are thrust into a modern era that has hints of swinging sixties and encompasses both time zones with perfection.

The simple shape means it is compact as the features allow (and there are plenty) and you will be delighted every time you have to lay eyes on it to make your luscious brew.

Under Pressure

This machine comes with a 15-bar pressure pump that is critical when trying to master the ultimate coffee.

This is responsible for pumping the water through the ground beans and makes the difference between success and failure.

Too much pressure and will be subjected to a weak coffee, too little, and you may find yourself inundated with more an espresso-style hard-hitting coffee.

However, get it right and perfection will be yours, fortunately, the 15-bar pressure pump enables you to do just that.

Noise Reduction

One thing many manufacturers fail to understand is just how damn annoying the whopping great noise of the coffee grinding can be.

However, not Miele as they have built in a smart noise reduction system when grinding coffee.

Now it is possible to grind away until your heart’s content even in the small hours of the morning.

A nice little touch.

Miele CM6110 Coffee Machine

Programmable Coffee

As this machine sits in the premium price range (close to a £1000) we fully expect to be able to programme our customised drinks in.

And it is there and that is worth a mention simply because it is a vital component in being able to play around and experiment with blends to create a bespoke coffee.

Another nifty addition is a timer function which you can play around with to further enhance your brew making skills.

These features really make the CM6110 stand out in a busy marketplace, but it does not end there……

Heated Surface

One thing we all love is a nice mug of coffee that stays warm for as long as possible.

A cold cup means the temperature of your drink is immediately diluted and will get cold much quicker.

That may be basic physics but to counter that, Miele has added a heated cup surface to nicely warm your cup and thus help create coffee perfection for longer.

Eco mode

We now live in a world where eco-friendly is the buzzword and for a very good reason with the state of the Earth.

Much like fellow coffee machine experts Gaggia, Miele has taken into consideration their ability to do their bit with an eco-mode on the CM6110.

This reduces power to the machine when it has been idle for a period of time but then fires up quickly when called into action once more.

Miele is literally helping to save the world one mug of coffee at a time.

One Touch for Two

The capability to be able to make two cups of coffee is expected but Miele has thrown in a sweet one touch for two button on the CM6110 meaning you can create two cups of coffee at the same time by pressing just one button.


Due to its features, working your way around the Miele may take a little time unless you class yourself as something of a coffee machine advocate and know your way around these types of machines.

However, the instruction manual is well detailed and very well written making understanding the machine a relatively straightforward situation.

We do recommend you have a good read through as the abundance of features means there is plenty to miss even if you think you have everything covered.

Cleaning is also made as simple as possible with water automatically filtered through to aid the process meaning a descaling clean only takes around 15 minutes to complete which is well worth it.

What’s wrong with it?

In all honesty, not much.

The only problem it really has is its competition and in particular the Sage Dual Boiler by Heston Blumenthal which trumps it on overall performance and just edges it on capabilities.

The Sage is only a little bit more expensive and comes with the Heston seal of approval which has quickly become a leading mark in the coffee machine game.

However, that is about it and it really will depend on whether you want to spend at least another £100 on something that is only marginally better than the Miele and probably not better than by a £100.


Miele stands for one thing, high-end products, and the CM6110 is exactly that.

Its price point is fair and reflective of market value largely due to its abundance of features that mark this machine above a number of its similarly priced competitors.

The two for one touch, the eco mode, the hot cup surface all make a major difference and together these little things quickly become big things.

But it is the things we expect that the machine also surprises us in how well it performs such as its pressure pump, maintenance, and programmable drinks.

This machine is certainly worth investing some time into if you are looking for a premium machine as all Miele products are known to be almost bulletproof.

We fully recommended you take a detailed look at this when making your next bean to cup coffee machine purchase.