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RATED: Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Barista Express Coffee Machine and Grinder

  • Price
  • Usability
  • Features

Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Barista Express

“Style, science and succulent coffee, this machine certainly boasts all three in abundance.”


  • Two year warranty as standard
  • Short brewing time


  • Slightly expensive
This is the second Sage by Heston coffee machine we have rated so far, and this will one is certainly friendlier when it comes to budget than the Dual Boiler.

However, do not think that because of that you will have to sacrifice quality as anything Mr. Blumenthal puts his name to is clearly going to be good quality.

The Sage Barista Express has been around a couple of years now but there are few that can beat it for price, durability, and features.

Heston is constantly proving he knows a thing or two about a decent brew and this machine will not let you down.

So, what makes the Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Barista Express Coffee Machine and Grinder so good?


We have mentioned this already in our opening paragraph, but it is important.

When you consider the Sage Dual Boiler comes in at over the thousand pound mark, this little beauty will set you back less than half that (of you get it with an offer).

Although the RRP of £599.95 is a little pricey, you can get it for under £500 if you shop around and although you will not get as many features as the Dual Boiler, you will get plenty of options and a first-rate brew.

Current customers rave about it

An important buying factor these days is customer reviews and the Barista is absolutely loved by its many customers.

Customers comment on how well built the machine is, the wide variety of options available to them and just the overall quality.

Even price gets a mention because if a machine lasts a long time, then that value at purchase is only extended.

You can read a number of glowing reviews about this Sage at Amazon and we strongly recommend that you do.

Two-year warranty

Another plus point of the Barista Express is its two-year warranty period that comes as standard.

Again, back to the reviews and you will see how important this factor is to a number of customers with many claiming they have owned machines prior to this one that has lasted a lot less time than two-years.

Clearly, Heston is confident his machine has the staying power to last the distance and then some and with a very good reason.

Because it will.

Gone in Sixty Seconds

The more you use the Barista Express, the more you realise how rapid the machine is at grinding coffee beans.

Whereas most machines can take a few minutes to grind down beans and wake the dead with the sheer volume of the grind, the Sage Barista Express coffee machine will get the job done in roughly a minute and a noise reduction will help ease the eardrums.

You will quickly become incredibly grateful for this speed when you are running a little late one morning and forget to grind the beans the night prior.

It is smart little additions like this that make all the difference when it comes to purchasing.

Double Pressure

In our Sage Dual Boiler rating review, we mentioned about Heston Blumenthal’s love of utilising science in order to create unique and tasteful dishes and drinks.

Well, much like the Dual Boiler, science has been included in the Barista Express as well.

The beans are fused through two cycles, first is a low-pressure cycle and then a high-pressure cycle to create that perfect taste.

How we wish we had paid a little more attention to our GCSE science lessons now.


As expected with a machine as complex as this one there is an automatic dosage feature.

That means there is no guessing the number of beans required to make your perfect brew as it is already done for you.

You can configure this to your requirements and it is worth exploring, but only when you are comfortable with the machines many features.

To get started, we recommend using the pre-set options


Watch out when using the steamer arm for the very first time because it is one powerful beast.

It is thanks to that high pressure that enables you to get a superb frothing effect every time that will leave you the envy of the neighborhood.

Sticking with features, there is a smart hot water nozzle on the machine that allows you to top up even the largest of mugs with ease and consistency.

RATED: Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Barista Express Coffee Machine and Grinder


For such a complex machine, cleaning is unsurprisingly something that needs a little attention the first few times.

But once you have mastered it, the process is a doodle and a rapid one at that.

Due to the science of the machine, there is an automatic filtering system however you will need to keep an eye on when to replace the filter but that will come down purely to how often you use the Barista Express.

What’s wrong with it?

The Sage Barista is a superb addition to any household do not buy it on a whim.

The machine is a complicated beast for its price and will require time in order to set it up and even longer to find your perfect blend.

That is not necessarily a bad thing, but it depends on whether you want to get bogged down in the details or whether you want a machine that produces your drink quickly.

If purchased at RRP, then it may be slightly more on the expensive side if just about justifiable, so we recommend if you go for this, then find it with a discount somewhere that really shouldn’t be too difficult.

Check Amazon first.


Style, science and succulent coffee, this machine certainly boasts all three in abundance.

Perhaps not quite at the level of its bigger brother the Dual Boiler, but at half the price it was never going to be.

It is, however, still ahead of its time despite being a couple of years old now and coupled with the two warranty from Sage as standard, pretty much bulletproof.

When it comes to a superb machine that offers some unique features not found anywhere else, then the Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Barista Express Coffee Machine and Grinder really is number one in the mid-price range and worthy of consideration for your next purchase.