The coffee machine guru Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Dual Boiler Coffee Machine

RATED: Sage Dual Boiler

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Sage Dual Boiler

“When it comes to selection, variety, and ability, then there is no finer machine then Heston’s dual Boiler model.”


  • Packed with features
  • Makes an amazing brew


  • No grinder included
  • Very Pricey
If you want the best, then you are going to have to be prepared to put your hand in your pocket because the features packed Sage by Dual Boiler by celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal is not cheap.

However, is well worth its price tag of over a thousand pounds and if you are a coffee aficionado, then this machine really is probably the best machine out on the market today.

Those of you familiar with Blumenthal’s style of cooking will know the renowned chef is famous for utilising science in his quest for the perfect dish.

Well, Heston has spared no expense on his top of the range Dual Boiler as he utilises science once more to help create the perfect brew.

So, what makes the SAGE Dual Boiler by Heston Blumenthal so good?

Complete Control

When it comes to selection, variety, and ability, then there is no finer machine then Heston’s dual Boiler model.

This particular machine has the ability to control temperature, the number of cups of coffee you wish to make or the amount of pressure you wish to apply, then this Dual boiler has literally no equal and will keep you enthused no end.

In fact, the machines abilities are also one of its downfalls, strange we know, but the quality you can achieve actually requires quite a steep learning curve due to the complexity of the options.

However, once you master it, you will quickly realise how worth it all that reading for the instruction manual was.


Less of a key feature but more of a nice addition is the ability to purchase the Dual Boiler in a choice of three colours.

Depending on taste, there is a rather nifty silver option, a sleek looking black number or a stylish red design with all three tastefully designed and a sure to be a center-piece of any household kitchen certain to impress the neighbours.

Sage Dual Boiler

Maintenance is a Breeze

As you would expect from a heavy investment, the Blumenthal Dual Boiler comes with a host of cleaning tools that make maintenance a breeze.

This is an important aspect as no one likes to waste time cleaning an item that is deemed relatively luxury.

However, due to the cost, you will no doubt be eager to keep the machine in pristine condition and with the Dual Boiler’s water tanks holding a healthy 2.5 litres of cold water ready to boil, keeping your machine in pristine condition becomes a worthwhile and almost enjoyable task.

Warm Cup

Undoubtedly one of the coolest features of the SAGE Dual Boiler by Heston Blumenthal is its cup warming function which enables your coffees to stay warmer for longer.

That is a function that is lacking on most of its competitors but not the only unique feature.

The ability to froth your milk exactly how you like it through programmable settings is both different and a classy touch that can make all the difference when it comes to achieving perfection.

When you get it just right, you can then programme those settings to save and never have to struggle to repeat your own little slice of perfection.

Digital Display

The digital display on the front of the machine is one of the most useful aspects of the Sage Dual Boiler.

The temperature stands out in bold enabling you to save time and know exactly how warm your cup will be (something that is also adjustable) and the control panel will ensure you do not get too bitter a taste whilst allowing you to experiment to your heart’s content.

The intuitive control panel will almost act as artificial intelligence and help guide you in achieving the perfect brew for you.

White Glove

One incredible aspect of the Sage is the white glove service that can be offered upon purchase of the machine.

This is a service that will help guide you through the machine’s capabilities and show you some of the in-depth hints and tips of this complex machine.

It is important to note that over in the United States, the machine is sold as a Breville, but in the UK comes under Heston Blumenthal’s Sage brand.

This is not a bad thing as the benefits and on-going support of the two go hand in hand and offer a service that is unrivaled in the coffee machine industry making the price slightly more palatable.

What’s Wrong with it?

To criticise the Sage Dual Boiler would be incredibly harsh as it has so much going for it, such as its twin boilers heating the giant water tanks quickly, the unique white glove service and the sheer volume of options and abilities to experiment.

However, the price is a determining factor and for a majority of households, this is just too big an investment when there is so much other choices on the market all offering solid investments.

However, if you do love your coffee, then paying over a grand is worth it.

The only other minor concern is the complexity of getting to grips with it.

No doubt about it, the Dual Boiler is a complicated beast to fully understand and will take time, so for a quick easy to use coffee machine, you may want to consider looking elsewhere.


When you think of elite brands such as Rolex and Ferrari, you can now add the Sage Dual Boiler by Heston Blumenthal to that illustrious list.

This machine is the cream of the crop in the coffee machine game, and although not strictly a bean to cup machine (because it uses pre-ground beans), the quality of the coffee is often better than that of a coffee shop on the high street (according to customer reviews anyway).

The sheer volume of options available is mind-boggling and will keep you enthralled for hundreds of luscious brews.

For high quality, elite coffee and a machine that is sure to send the neighbours home in envy, then the Sage Dual Boiler by Heston Blumenthal is arguably the best coffee machine you can buy for an out the box take home machine.